Bullhill Red Angus Ranch - Red Angus Cattle in Gray Court, SC

Nothing Could Be FINER!…
Than a visit to Bull Hill Ranch when you are in the Carolinas!

Come see what we’re up to, raising and evaluating our cattle under real world conditions so their performance and work ethic is bred in, not fed in! These are the kind that are easy on the eyes, and work in any environment.


AI and ET Calves Sired By:

Beckton Epic R397K (1042135)
Fritz Golden Oscar 8006 (1255319)
HXC Big Iron 0024X (1378526)
LMG Gills Indeed 1603 (1455844)
Andras New Direction R240 (1506922)
Brown CH Assurance 3567S (1147125)
PIE Shooter 8012 (1280557)


Herd Sires Include:

Bull Hill Red Rock 9095 (1364780)
Bull Hill Shootist 0040 (1428241)
Bull Hill Captain 0118 (1428230)
Bull Hill No Worries 1002 (1510453)
Bull Hill Assurance 1036 (1509572)