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Thanks to everyone who purchased cattle or attended our sale on January 18th, 2020!  We are excited to build relationships with new customers and continue serving repeat customers, and we look forward to hearing about how these animals are performing.

Bulls!!!  We have a great group of bulls for sale by private treaty at the ranch!  These bulls are great options for calving ease, growth and carcass merit, and they are reasonably priced.  Call 864-981-2080 to set up a visit to the ranch or let us know what you’re looking for, and we can select a bull that will work for you. Sale Cattle Videos Click Here

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Southeastern Sale has been cancelled.  Those consignments are now available by private treaty. View the information below and call 864-981-2080 for more details.

2020 Southeastern sale footnotes

Cow/Calf Pair:  Bull Hill Susie 3067, Reg. # 1677017.   A truly elite female touting eight EPD’s and indexes in the top 25 % of the breed, including top 1 % Herdbuilder and stayability!  She began as a show champion and has worked as a great pasture cow (102 MPPA) and donor dam. 

Her dam, full sister and daughters will continue the great tradition of the “Susie” family at Bull Hill. 

Bull calf at side by LCJ Night Calver 5197, Reg. # 3585582, born 12/15/19, (80 lb. birth weight), EPD’s:  213 HBI, 49 GMI, 11 CED, -.1 BW, 67 WW, 108 YW, .25 ADG, 1.54 DMI, 22 Milk, 5 ME, 12 HPG, 8 CEM, 21 STAY, .40 MARB, .14 YG, 24 CW, .16 REA, .05 Fat . 

He will definitely be a herd bull prospect.  Susie sells bred to Leland Marksman 6629, Reg. # 3543019 on 1/31/20.  Marksman Calf’s projected EPD’s:  228 HBI, 49 GMI, 12 CED, -1.5 BW, 65 WW, 107 YW, .26 ADG, 1.36 DMI, 24 Milk, 1 ME, 9 HPG, 7 CEM, 23 STAY, .35 Marb., .08 YG, 14 CW, .11 REA, .04 Fat. 

Leland Marksman 6629, service sire for Bull Hill Susie3067

Pregnant recipient female:  HXC Declaration 5504C, Reg. # 3494198, x Bull Hill Juana 9133, Reg. # 1364757.  Calculated EPD’s:  197 HBI, 50 GMI, 10 CED, 2 BW, 70 WW, 117 YW, .29 ADG, 1.79 DMI, 23 Milk, 0 ME, 19 STAY, .41 MARB, .07 YG, 36 CW, .23 REA, .01 FAT. 

Juana 9133 has maintained a 112 MPPA and a 359 day calving interval on 8 natural calves before going to work as a donor for us last year.  This cow has led the herd with a 114 WW Ratio, and phenomenal carcass ratios of 115 for IMF and 110 for REA! 

Her 2017 born heifer calf, Juana 7260, is a full sister to the pregnancy and embryos selling this year, and she is the 2019 Grand Champion Red Angus Open Show Female at the South Carolina State Fair. 

This is an amazing cow family backed up by past donor dam, AHE Juana 914.  Genex sire, Declaration, is seeing heavy use across the country because of his ability to consistently sire powerful, long bodied, growthy cattle with plenty of eye appeal. 

The recipient will be a registered Red Angus female.  Complete information available by sale day.  Visit our website: bullhillredangusranch.com or call 864-981-2080 for more details.

Bull Hill Juana 7260, full sister to pregnancy and embryos.

Pregnant Recipient female:  3SCC Domain A163, Reg.# 1619642 x Bull Hill Alexis 8124A, Reg. # 1301887.  Calculated EPD’s:  207 HBI, 49 GMI, 9 CED, 1.5 BW, 63 WW, 105 YW, .26 ADG, 1.38 DMI, 22 Milk, 3 ME, 12 HPG, 3 CEM, 21 STAY, .50 Marb., .22 YG, 27 CW, -.01 REA, .06 Fat. 

Alexis 8124A is a consistent top performer in our herd with a lifetime MPPA of 109 and 111 WWR.  Four of her natural calves have claimed the top spot at weaning time in their contemporary groups, and two of her sons have been used as herd sires at Bull Hill. 

Last year, her heifer calf was chosen by Chain Ranch of Canton, OK as the pick of our heifer calf crop.  Domain continues to lead the breed for the Herdbuilder Index, producing lots of sale topping sons and daughters along the way.  If you like power, performance and predictability, look no further. 

Recipient will be a registered Red Angus female.   Complete information available by sale day.Call 864-981-2080 for more details.

3SCC Domain A163, sire of pregnancy and embryos

Bull Hill Alexis 8330, maternal sister to pregnancy and embryos.

Package of three embryos from each of the matings above offered as an A/B choice lot.  Embryos will be in Cullman, AL on sale day.

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